We planned to make more than 2 minigames, but we didn't have enough time to do them. We enjoyed making these games, we hope you have fun playing them too!

All games are point click games.


  • Roller Coaster
    • Click any of the tracks to move the coaster. Hitting a coin gets a random point, hitting an obstacle loses the game
  • Shopping Game
    • Drag the items from the left to the scanner, it will automatically animate to the shopping bag to the right


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These are cheap and cheerful, in a great way! Fun music, polished version of each concept, clever use of scoping to give yourself room to expand into other minigames if there was time, but still let you ensure you released something finished. 

Needs to be a button back to main menu at game end.

Shopping game would benefit from showing the prices instead of needing to hover to see them.

Roller coaster would do well with alternative arrow up/down controls. Some of the clicks didn't seem to register. Also the moving track animation is a bit rough on the eyes.

Thanks so much for the feedback! Yea we wanted to put price labels on them, but we didnt have time to design them xD


Cute ideas! But in the first game I lost because 3 tiles in a row is not fair!

haha yea it can happen xD


Minigames is always a good way to try making variety of game mechanics, nice work. I especially like the shopping items.

Thank you! We had like 10 more game mechanics, but wasnt able to execute XD


Good job guys!
The thing that I would have loved are keyboard controls for the roller coaster game.
Still happy you made it to the end!

Thank you!


Review Time!

These are simple minigames, and there's really not much to say.

Roller Coaster is probably the least good game out of the two. The controls are rather odd, keyboard controls would be a far better option than clicking on the rails with your mouse. The only way there seems to make you complete the game faster is by collecting coins, and since both the rollercoaster and the coins move at a constant speed, there isn't really much room to improvement, making this the least replayable minigame.

Shopping Game is much better. Since you're the one dragging the items with your mouse, there's a ton of room for error, and as a result, a ton of room for improvement. I think making the prices of each item random was not a good decision, though. If they were the same every time, there would be much more room for consistency, which is also important to make a game replayable.

I'm honestly kind of impressed the minigames show you how long you've took to complete them, yet doesn't seem to invest into this idea strongly.

The concept of this minigame collection is quite interesting, I just think it could have been executed better, but overall, it's not bad at all.

Thank you for taking the time to review! True, we could have executed it better. I'll take note of those :)